The Fey Saga: The Search for a New Homeland

Book / E-book The Fey Saga: The Search for the New Homeland

Initial release 08/2019 72 pages.

capa livro saga dos fey_190730 v2

In August of this year we launched a book in print and searchable ebook format, involving the family immigration saga of Conrad Fey (Feyh) to Brazil, in 1825, from Germany.

This book includes data from the family of Conrad Fey / Feyh, his ancestors and descendants of the author’s family branch, Ademar Felipe Fey, details of Brazilian descendants and the places where they settled in Rio Grande do Sul (more information is available in the free summary provided below).

Check out more data by clicking on the desired link:

(You can download the first 21 pages of this ebook for free at this link)

Details of the 1st edition

The E-book contains approximately 72 pages.

Electronic book (e-book) in PDF (A4) format, not editable and printing not allowed.

The printed version will be available shortly.

The e-book will be individual and personalized (on behalf of the buyer), not being allowed a loan or resale to third parties, that is, for personal and non-transferable use.


  • Purchase in Amazon version E-book. Click this link
  • Purchase printed format book (Brazil). Click this link

Any questions please contact our email (


Ademar F. Fey

Researching the Fey family in Rio Grande do Sul

Researching the German emigration to Rio Grande do Sul in the period from 1824 to 1830

Sobre ademarfey

Professor de TI aposentado. Escritor na área de Redes de Computadores e Telecomunicações. Também pesquisa e escreve sobre a Imigração Alemã no Brasil desde 2017.
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